Appetizer: Beginnings of My Journey

First things first, what’s this blog all about?  As the site name implies, it’s open-ended, a reflection of my life (queue eyes rolling).  But let me dig a little deeper…

Ever since I left my former life of a monotonous 9-5 two years ago, constantly worrying about the ‘next step’ and career planning, life opened up.  I was stuck in so many ways.  I had sacrificed my time to education, relationships, and feeling pressured to do what society thinks I should do.  What I really wanted was to be free.  I’m not saying I had no free will, or I regret the time I had put in for things I felt were important to me at the time.  What I am saying, is that at the end of the day, everyday, I was still daydreaming and feeling stuck.  I didn’t want to do that any more.

A couple months before I left my job, apartment, the love of my life-my cat, Shinobe, and my boyfriend, I had made a vision collage.   My intentions were for great change and travel.  On the bottom, it said ‘Costa Rica,’ a country I had been dreaming to visit.  After I let go of everything I was holding on to, a year-and-a-half later I was in Costa Rica, traveling all over the country for a month on my own.  I finally had a hot and sunny birthday in February, having lived most of my life in New England!  For the past 2 years now, I’ve been traveling all around the U.S. and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon.

I see how this could easily turn into a vision board promo.  This all didn’t just happen.  I started to face my fears.  I had to realize that I wasn’t always going to have someone by my side to hold my hand wherever I went.  If I wanted to go out and see the world, I wasn’t going to have the stability of a home to go to.  I live places about three months at a time, sometimes week to week!  I wasn’t always going to have steady income, but temporary jobs have helped me through.  Acquiring things is just a don’t.  Relationships is just a big shouldn’t.  I worry sometimes.  Plans don’t always unfold how I want them to.  But I’ve grown tremendously, and I like the person that I am.

So here I am.  A life of constant change.  I want to share that with you in hopes to connect, empower, and maybe entertain you.

The Beginnings: Vision Collage
The Beginnings: Vision Collage
Now do you understand why he is the love of my life? One word: Shinobe
Now do you understand why he is the love of my life? One word: Shinobe
First Cross Country Road-trip
First Cross Country Road-trip
One of the most freeing feelings I’ve experienced: Driving down Highway 1.
Pura Vida: Costa Rica
Pura Vida: Costa Rica

8 thoughts on “Appetizer: Beginnings of My Journey

    1. Carmen McCrudden

      I’m so proud of you. And you’ll always have a home in so many peoples hearts that you have touched through out your adventures. I know I keep you close to my heart. I’m so excited to see you make your dreams come true. Have fun and stay safe. I love you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Carmen, you just melted my heart with these sweet words. Thank you for always being there for me. You’ll always get the unedited version of my adventures ;). I love you too.


  1. Jenn

    This is beautiful and inspiring……stay free sweet lady…. and touch as many souls as you can on your journey….
    Stay safe…..I look forward to reading more of your adventures
    Xoxo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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