Dream Compilation 2015


 Blue lotus Sippin’ 

I had a dream last night that this alien woman (who looked human) was stealing everything that defined me as fuel to bring herself home to her alien planet.

Her way of transportation was a parachute that would bring you up into outer space from the ground instead of bringing you to the ground from up in the air.  It was orange.

My belongings started to disappear out of thin air.  Just the act of thinking of something I owned would cause it to disappear.  

The first thing was my favorite brown, wooden box that my dad gave me for Christmas one year.  Engraved and painted on it is the Ryder-Waite tarot card of the sun.  A card of hope and good fortune.

I realized that all I would have left is a body, but not even my name to call myself by would be left. 

I lay in my childhood bed.  Everything was dark and bare.  Lifeless.  I lay looking out the window, everything was grey.


Strange dream about a frog that conversed with the holy men.  He was on another level than the humans, but people liked to talk to him, although I seemed unable to.

His housemate was a beautiful woman.  He lamented that he saw her as desirable but he was just a frog.  Strange!

Then I dreamt about the most beautiful sunset and the ocean.  I took pictures of sheep and a shepherd on the horizon.


Dreamt of a frog again with human capabilities.  This time it was steering a canoe behind me.


I had a cosmic dream last night.  Difficult to remember, but there was a teacher presence.  Beautiful swirls of blue.  Pieces of long, thin sticks.  I was asked to write something in the dust.

‘Stand Alone’