The Art of Letting Go


When thinking of what the phrase ‘letting go’ entails, thoughts of self sacrifice, patience, and forgiveness come to mind.  Not always simple  virtues.  For the past 3 years now, the art of letting go has been a constant theme in my life.  Not staying in one place for  more than a few months has forced me to come to grips with the reality that nothing is guaranteed.  How is one content?

Relationships are the hardest part.  Especially if you are a hopeless romantic such as myself.  I live most intensely in my mind, and find a constant battle with my head and my heart a game of tug of war at times.  I’ve come to the conclusion that any relationship started must live with the understanding that it is temporary.  This can take the fire out of dreams when I know it eventually ends in goodbye.  Fortunately,  I’m not completely cinical, and can at least, for a brief   and beautiful moment, fall quietly in love, and then let it go.

This is never an easy process.  There’s always that tiny voice inside that says ‘what if?’  But I have to remind myself of what is.  The comforting side is the freedom to follow my dreams beyond my attachments.  

I’m leaving for Southeast Asia in less than a week, and no inkling of a question mark is holding me back.  To be able to do that and focus my energies towards inspiration of a greater path has made my qualms with letting go worth it. 

The key word is choice.  One way or another, this transitory life sacrifices one thing for another.  However great or small it may be, I’m grateful for that freedom and the allowance of my inner self to let go.

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