Sitting at the SFO airport right now, waiting for my flight to Thailand with a 3hr layover in Wuhan China.  I feel incredibly calm.  Seasoned.  

The anxiety of preparation has been replaced with this laissez faire procrastination.  I was up packing and organizing until 3am last night, only to wake up at 4:30am and hit the road.  Exhausted. 

I’d love to have a cigarette but I’ve passed customs.  I planned on quitting upon arrival for obvious health reasons, and I’m highly doubtful Southeast Asia will carry American Spirits.  But of course I bought a pack yesterday for nostalgic reasons.  Vices.

Alone again, off to a foreign country.  There’s that part of myself that says, ‘what do you get yourself into?’ And then another part answers, ‘discover the unknown.’  Seeker.  

Let’s see what happens. 😉

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