Chiang Mai to Pai


Chiang Mai was a mixture of dualities.  The old and the new, temples and rooftop bars, busy streets filled with tuk tuk drivers and motorbikes, yoga studios and massage oasis at every corner.

I loved it, but I could only stay so long.  Night market after night market, massage advertisement upon advertisement, I began to understand the slogan ‘same same.’

So, yesterday I got a van ride to the Northern Mountains of Pai.  There were about 11 of us.  Mostly French.  The road there was as windy as it gets and two people began puking in plastic bags.  It was only then that I realized why there were plastic bags tied to the seats. Ew.

I gave my Guest House a call and they picked me up from the bus station.  Mountain View Backpacker Guest House is located on the outskirts of Pai, overlooking the mountains.  Private bungalow, queen size bed for $9/night. C’mon!

I waisted no time and got a motorbike lesson.  Time for cruisin’, trekking, swimming, and relaxing.


2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai to Pai

  1. CourtneyBee

    I’m slowly reading through your whole blog, which I stumbled across sometime in the past month. I love love love it. Please email me sometime, I would love to pick your brain about your solo travels as a woman, and perhaps sometime we could cross paths or even travel together. Here is my email-


    1. Thank you!! I’ve been MIA for a minute as I’ve been hiding in the mountains but I’m gearing up for some adventures and ready to share again. I’d love to chat sometime. Thank you reading, your words motivate and empower me!


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