Pai, Thailand 

Pai had some really amazing spots to visit.  Surely Thod Lom cave was incredible, especially arriving around dusk when all the bats came out to feed-Nat Geo status.  But everything else, the town in particular, was less than ideal.  

First off, I pictured in my mind remnants of its past music blues and jazz glory.  A safistication fused with a crunchy, conscience living community.  Instead, it was crowded streets with little architectural beauty, young party folk, and a haze that covered the skies due to slash and burn deforestation.  Not quite what I was expecting, but of course you find the gems within this small town that keep you returning.

Luckily, I was staying at a bungalow away from downtown.  My nights were quiet and peaceful.  I stayed long enough to visit the big white Buddah in the mountains, Pai Hot Spring, and the Mhor Phaeng waterfalls, all of which made the visit worth while.

I met travelers you felt you were supposed to meet.  Many people travel to Pai for the Rastafarian vibe that runs strong there.  I met a man that was ecstatic in finding out I share my birthday with Bob Marley.  I connected with a healer when I told her a psychic I knew told me I’ve been the nun, monk, priest uplifting humanity from the monasteries in my past lives.  Everyone has their unique stories and background, and you all find yourselves sharing your lives in Pai.

The theme of dualities is so present in Southeast Asia.  There are not many places in the world where you regulaly go to temples in the morning and find yourself drinking a ‘happy shake’ at night.  You will surely find the spiritual and hedonistic life in Pai.


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