The Other Side

There is reason for everything, and if the reason is not what you intended, search for it, be open, and it will find you.

I had asked myself, why am I here? Or more like, what the f*** am I doing in this place?!  What can I do?  What’s the solution?  There’s no time.

Then I remembered.  Write.  If I have anything in this life, it’s my voice (thank you, my feminist ancestors). 

So I did.  And I bashed Koh Rong hard.  I got it all out, and I was honest.  As soon as I did, I began to see the beauty.

After I wrote ‘Koh Rong Gone Wrong,’ my friend and I had breakfast at The Dreamcatch Inn.  The decor from wall to wall was all made from upcycled material.  This is what I was looking for!


Shortly after, we took a slow boat to Koh Rong Sanloem. Pristine.  The locals dubbed it ‘honeymoon beach,’ which my friend and I quickly realized.

When we sat down at a bar called ‘Octopussy,’ (her choice) and saw that everyone was in pairs, we joked that we should join ‘the other side.’  Nope.  Too straight.  So we admired and envied all the couples instead.

The next day we parted ways, and I went to M’pai Bai Village.  On the way, the supply boat I took to get there stopped at an eco village.  Yes!

Ok, ok, it’s not all lost, I thought.

Once I arrived in M’pai Bai village, walking down the rickety pier, I scanned the signs for hostels pointing either right or left.

Chill Inn ➡️

At the very end I found Chill Inn and was lucky to have a dorm room to myself for $7.50/night.  The electricity turns off in the entitre village at midnight, but not to worry- Chill Inn is supported by solar power.  It was the first time I stayed at a place in Southeast Asia with solar power. Again, I was delitfully surprised.

The next day I went jungle trecking with a few foreign workers from the village.  I was with 2 Germans and 2 Dutch, trailing behind, sweating through every pore of my body.  We’d stop every so often for water.

“Come on little one.”  The tall Dutchman, Tom said.

Walking, walking, walking.  2 full days of this.  We stopped at beaches and look out points.  This was the paradise I was looking for.  All of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, revealed itself to me.

When I swam at midnight in the phytoplankton, lighting up my every move, I looked to the stars, the brightest I’ve seen on this trip.  I thanked the glowing night.



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