To Be a Muse: Apsara


According to Hindu mythology, an Apsara is a celestial being of the sky, dancing beauties for the gods, men, and musicians.

I was mesmerized by these beautiful reliefs, statues, and paintings adorning walls and entryways from temples to night clubs.  They were everywhere in Southeast Asia, and I became more curious of their mysteries than the temples and museums themselves. 

At first I thought they were a depiction of a goddess.  After learning the name I researched ‘Apsara’ and was surprised to find that they were actually muses, beautifully poised into seduction.

I just wanted to post a little something about them to honor the inspiration women have created in art forms.  Their ubiquitous form can be seen throughout Ankor Wat.  I loved going to a locals club and watching the women dance with their hands so delicately and poised to the thumping music.  I couldn’t help but bring myself back to ancient times, imagining them as Apsaras, hypnotizing the men with their swaying hips.


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