Bangkok to Chiang Mai



Well, so far, so good! 

Bangkok is huge (no pun intended)!  I was fortunate enough to make a fellow solo traveler friend during my flight from SFO, and we decided to share a room at The Sananwan Palace in Bangkok.  Super helpful, friendly people.

The next day we ventured to Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Phro, home of the Emerald Buddah and Reclining Buddha.  What an adventure.  Because we were in the outskirts of Bangkok, we took an open cab/bus, a regular bus, taxi, train, and finally ferry to get there.  Worth the chaos and confusion!  Note to self, come early and not on a weekend!  

Wat Phra Kaew was mobbed so we immediately opted for Wat Phro.  The crowd was much more manageable and there were times of silence and no one in sight.

We parted ways in the morning with plans to meet in Chiang Mai.  She had a flight booked and I was going to the train station for a 12hr ride to get there.

Of course, booking on the fly doesn’t always work in your favor.  I arrived at 9:30am and my train was leaving at 10:00…PM!  LOTS of time to kill…

So naturally, spa day!  Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was doing.  Got ripped off by a tuk tuk driver ($5 more than you should pay is a rip off here) and got lost in Chinatown.

After wandering aimlessly, bombarded by strong smells and endless vendors, I got it together and found Dahra Spa.  Ahhhhh…

Afterwads, I made it back to the station and was happy to find the couple I sat with on the plane, waiting for their 2 month in advance booked train ride at 7:30.

When I finally got on the train, I was greeted by my own sleeper cubby.  12hrs of peace and quiet.

Now I’m in Chiang Mai, reunited with my solo travel buddy and relaxing at The Cat House near our hostel.  Life is good.