This is How I Road Trip Prep

Dreaming of your next adventure and knowing you’re so close to the open road is certainly exhilarating.  Putting things in order and preparing for it, less so.  Whenever I go on a trip, it usually means I won’t be coming back to the place I’m leaving.  So that means taking care of business from the material to the metaphysical, and trying to make the experience leading up to my travels just as interesting and meaningful.  This is how I road-trip prep:

  1.  Utilitarian and Appealing

When planning an extended trip, the less you have, the less you have to take care of-obvs.  But why not make the necessary items you bring personalized?  I admit, I am a creature of beauty.  If I’m going to buy something, I make sure it’s something that I’ll use often and that it says a little something about me.  I’m all about deals, but buying something cheap that a) isn’t aesthetically pleasing and b) won’t last that long is just a waist of money.

This is where thrift shopping can be really fun.  You’ll find one of a kind items and if you’re into the eclectic look, you’ll be looking like a well traveled gypsy in no time.

A couple of my must haves…

Silver plate scored at the Good Will in SF. I only need one plate to eat off of while traveling. This will do.
Silver plate scored at the Good Will in SF. I only need one plate to eat off of while traveling. This will do.
I love the detail
I love the detail
Wicker picnic basket found and Sanford & Kid Antique Co-op in North Adams, MA
Wicker picnic basket found at Sanford & Kid Antique Co-op in North Adams, MA

2. Little Gifts

When you’re traveling, there is bound to be a time when a stranger or a new friend does something nice for you.  Sometimes it’s a helping hand that changes your disastrous day into a triumphant one.  Sometimes all you have to give back is a sincere thank you.  But wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little offering of thanks?  I’m carrying a little pouch of crystals for such an occasion.  Each one of them was under $2.00.  They’re beautiful, little tokens of gratitude and when you gift them with that intention, it really means something to the person receiving it.

~The time is right to make new friends~
~The time is right to make new friends~

3. Unfinished Business

I don’t like to leave places when there are lingering feelings or unsettled issues between people or places.  I’ve done that before, and just because you leave a place, doesn’t make unpleasant memories go away.  Tell that person you love them, make amends, get to the core of an issue and figure it out.  Whatever it is, you’ll be glad to look back on something and know you tried your best to leave on a good note with everything and everyone.  If you leave with unresolved matters, it may resurface and trouble you on your travels.  We can’t have that.  When you look at what you’ve left behind, you want to be satisfied and content with what you can control.

These are a few suggestions that really make the days leading up to a trip feel like you’re doing it right.

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” ― Jack Kerouac